Prague... heart of Europe

The historical city of Prague is unique not least because it sustained almost no damage during World War II. For this reason, its historical monuments are “the real deal” – true testimony of the distant past – unlike the situation in many other European cities.

Prague is home to countless restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty Svíčková and Goulash. Also, with numerous pubs and local breweries, you will have plenty of opportunities to experience the world-known Czech beer.

Prague is a city that never sleeps, especially in the center with its vibrant nightlife. With hundred music clubs that play recorded and live music, there is a venue for every style and every preference.

Prague Vaclav Havel airport is the biggest airport among new EU member states. With about 50 regular airlines (including many low budget carriers) you will fly directly to about 130 destinations around the world.

The Prague main railway station (hlavní nádraží) offers express train services to most of the European capitals at a very fair cost. The best way to travel through Europe at a very fair cost.

Prague has a fantastic public transport network including metro, tram and bus.  A number of lines are in operation throughout the night and it is completely safe!

Prague abounds with  priceless artworks that are hidden in its dozens of museums and galleries. Discover a world of paintings by medieval masters, elegant High Baroque statues, Renaissance jewellery, and much more!

Within the city center, you’ll find a number of urban parks, quiet zones, and romantic nooks and crannies. A bit further out, are spacious forest parks and lakes – the perfect destination for pleasant walks or outdoor sports.

Moving to Prague with young children is no problem. Prague offers extraordinary international preschool / kindergarten with English as the main language.