Gerald W. Zamponi is a Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Research at the Cumming School of Medicine – University of Calgary (Canada). Gerald holds a Canada Research Chair in Molecular Neurobiology and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.His research focuses on exploring how calcium channels contribute to neurological disorders such as chronic pain and Alzheimer’s disease. His goal is to develop strategies to regulate ion channel function for therapeutic intervention.



Roger Pamphlett is a Professor of pathology at the School of Medical Sciences Bosch Institute – University of Sydney (Australia). His research focuses on the identification of environmental toxins, genetic variants, or gene-environmental interactions that cause motor neuron disease such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.



Lubica Lacinova is a Professor at the Center of Biosciences – Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics (Slovakia) and a Member of the presidium of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Her research focuses on the structure-function-regulation of voltage-gated calcium channels.



Guzel Sitdikova is a Professor and Head of the Department of Human and Animal Physiology – Kazan Federal University (Russia). Her researcher focuses on the role of gasotransmitters in the regulation of transmitter release, ion channels, heart tissue and smooth muscle contractility, and also on the effects of general anesthetics on brain cortical activity.